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The Fucked Up Thoughts Within [entries|friends|calendar]
Fucked Up Thoughts

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[25 Jan 2005|04:34am]
A new year, a new contest. Rules are the same as ever:

  • All entries are posted anonymously.
  • The contest ends six months from date of post.

The points that the entries are judged on are:

  • Originality.
  • Cruelty.
  • Hatred.
  • Level of sadism.
  • Overall horror of entry.
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[27 Jun 2003|01:58pm]
The second contest is over. Monastic vice wins. The third contest is open. Feel free to take a stab at it.
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[07 Jun 2002|11:04pm]
The second contest will begin. The time limit will be six months from today to encourage quality. Things like this should never be rushed...

The same rules from the first contest still apply.
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[23 Mar 2002|02:02pm]
Things draw to a close. It is almost time. The entries are coming along nicely. Judging will begin - perhaps they will even like some of the writings...

[03 Mar 2002|06:53am]
First contest. Open to all. Time limit one month from today. The few rules that there are:

  • If you want to post, set it to anonymous. Otherwise, the post will be deleted.
  • The goal is to write a better, more fucked up and disturbing entry than the previous one before yours.
  • You may identify yourself by some nom de plume at the end of your entry, if you so desire.
    The only humor allowed, is of course, black humor.

That is all.
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